Terms and conditions and preparing for works

Your quotation is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. In the unlikely event of there being any outstanding issues: A 10% retention of the outstanding amount can be arranged with the office until the issue has been resolved. Upon resolve we will issue you with a separate invoice for this amount.
  2. Suitable preparations should be undertaken by the customer prior to the commencement of works. This includes moving any potentially damageable or valuable possessions from the location and providing clear access to the windows.
  3. All of HSC works to your windows will create varying levels of airborne dust at your location. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure this is kept at a minimum. We ask that you assist us by removing contents which might be affected from any rooms which might be affected prior to our arrival.
  4. Sashes and casements are often sanded in the process of refurbishment and suitable precautions to protect soft furnishings should be undertaken by the client. Our tradesmen will dust sheet the immediate vicinity of the windows but the client should carry out additional precautions in order to protect contents and areas of their property.
  5. HSC accept no responsibility for damage to any soft furnishings or curtains that have not been suitably removed or protected by our client.
  6. HSC joiners and painters are usually on site from 8am – 4:30 pm and will require full access to the property for the duration of works. We normally ask that a key is provided if the client is not in the property.
  7. All works carry some risk of accident. We do everything we can to keep these risks at a minimum. However, we ask that you take extra care while we are carrying out work to your property, particularly if children, partially sighted persons or pets are in the property at the time of the works taking place.
  8. Works may involve strong smelling adhesives, solvents, paints or thinners. Should anyone in the household suffer from breathing difficulties please take appropriate action avoid direct contact.
  9. Some work may result in a temporary loss of your property’s facilities i.e. Kitchen worktops in front of windows, telephone lines and plumbing issues. In the event of a temporary loss of facilities we will attempt to minimise the time period of this disruption by restoring the full use of your facilities as quickly as possible. We advise that you make provisions for potential disruptions accordingly.
  10. Much of our work will generate building debris. This may mean that this material may need to be stored in your property for a short period of time prior to removal.
  11. When external work is being carried out by HSC it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all moveable items are removed from the area. HSC is not liable for any damage caused to items from falling debris or painting works. For example – vehicles, garden furniture, planters etc. should all be moved or cleared from the immediate area.
  12. When interior work is taking place the customer should remove breakable items such as pictures, mirrors, ornaments and items on bookshelves etc. HSC is not liable for any damage incurred due the customers the failure in removing these items.
  13. All building materials remain the property of K Construction (Scotland) Ltd until fully paid for.
  14. Every effort will be made by HSC to commence work at an agreed date and time. HSC cannot accept responsibility should unavoidable delays occur. Where work times and job duration are intimated, this will only be a guide and we cannot be held liable for any consequential claims due to work running over or under the scheduled programme.

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