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what type of finish for wood floors

5 hardwood finishes that will look amazing on your floor

may 1 2018 5 hardwood finishes that will look amazing on your floor in small areas it is the most low-maintenance type of finish over the short haul.

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arguably the most popular surface finish for hardwood flooring water-based this type of finish also has a longer drying time (24 to 48 hours per coat) and

how to choose a finish for your hardwood flooring angie's list

jan 14 2015 the right wood floor finish also can enhance the color and texture of your home's hardwood floors depending on which type you choose.

ask the craftsman: what's the best finish for wood floors? the

jul 17 2014 richard the gold standard for refinishing wood floors today is 3 coats of this is an oil-finish and much simpler to apply than polyurethane.

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may 11 2017 water-based hardwood floor finishes are a popular choice among depending on the finish type mixing can be as simple as shaking the

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wood floors that were installed prior to the mid-'60s were likely finished with varnish or shellac. it's fairly simple to check. find an inconspicuous place on the

how to finish a floor with pure tung oil - best tung oil help

aug 11 2017 this will help with your diy project with hardwood floors. read more tung oil can not be applied over another type of finish. it can only be

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here at pete's we sell four basic types of hardwood floor finish. we only sell what we trust. this may seem like a very limited set of choices but we only sell

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oct 23 2017 on the other hand you may have a more common type of hardwood floor like red or white oak. over time some finishes -- especially oil based

which are the best brands of polyurethane for floors?

dec 7 2018 when it comes to sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors there .. in your area that use this type of finish but there probably are a few.

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jun 20 2012 learn how to tell if your floor has a penetrating oil finish or a polyurethane coating and how to clean and maintain wood floors with murphy®