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can you use fence posts for decking

can you use terrace logs for fence posts - outdoor wpc floor

Good species for fence posts - WOODWEB . but for the cost of putting up a fence you might better use pressure . osage orange logs to cut into square posts and when you . oak fence post is . Post Base Attachment - Decks.com To anchor posts to concrete footings you need to use a post base connector.

Raised decking support / posts - concrete in or metal spike?

Raised decking support / posts - concrete in or metal spike? D. Dundonald. . but in either case the only reason to concrete in posts is to keep the deck 'square'. If you don't achieve that then boarding it will be a big problem. . Fence posts with metal pipe last longer?

raised deck concrete support posts | DIYnot Forums

Hi i'm building a raised deck & am planning on using concrete support posts as opposed to wood. What is the best sort of post to use for this as I wanted to use 4x4 posts but can only seem to find 3x3 slotted fence posts!

Setting Timber Posts in Concrete - DIY Extra

Setting Timber Posts in Concrete. Setting Timber Posts in Concrete . Whether you are putting up a fence or building a raised deck being able to securely set wooden posts into concrete foundations is a useful skill to have. Although this task might seem simple getting it right is harder than many people think.

Can I use 4x4 posts as the primary support for a deck?

Can I use 4x4 posts as the primary support for a deck? Ask Question 8. I have an old cedar deck and most of the decking and vertical support posts are rotted out. I'd like to rebuild the deck as-is just replacing the rotting pieces. . I'm hoping to use the current design and replace all of the posts decking and railings. The only .

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. his own treated fence posts from cleared wood and used . and can be used for fencing in . pine logs of a good diameter for the use he . [ Contact US ] Absolutely necessary to let cedar fence posts dry first .

Raised decking support / posts - concrete in or metal .

More timber granted but less support. > So I guess the > decking will remain squared. But this still leaves a corner and > sufficent support inbetween that corner and respective corners against > the wall. So my plan was/is to support by either spike or concrete > posts.

Setting Your Deck Posts with QUIKRETE - J&W Lumber

Setting Your Deck Posts with QUIKRETE. And once you’ve learned how to set your post head into J&W Lumber to get some QUIKRETE and finish your fencing or decking project. If you’re looking for some of the best quality and most affordable types of lumber J&W Lumber is the place to go. We also offer design services and many other things.

6x6 Vs 4x4 Posts - Decks & Fencing - Contractor Talk

We only use 4x4's when the deck is near grade. Any post more than 8 feet long we use 4x6 or 6x6. 4x4's are subject to some serious bending as they dry. On my own deck I had to replace a 6x6 after a year when it bowed almost 1 1/2 inches

How to Cut Decorative Posts for a Deck - Designs by Studio C

An Easy Way to Cut Posts for a Deck. The post is should be clamped to the saw’s miter fence then pushed through so that there is even pressure on the post. Please note that however you choose to run the posts through the saw is at your own risk. I moved the rip fence in by 1/2″ and made a pass with each post.

Deck Fencing Ideas - Pictures of Railing & Fences

There are many different deck fencing styles for the support posts and railing balusters. You can get simple square shapes dowel-shapes and ones that are shaped by a lathe. The rails can be simple shapes as well or they can be carved into more elaborate decorative shapes. The shape and design of your fence depends on your fencing materials .

Deck posts - set in concrete or use anchors? - Home .

I build decks for a living. Setting your post in concrete as you would a fence post will work just fine as long as you use Sono tubes or The Post Collar. You want no earth to wood contact! Or use pier blocks. In the pic you have a ledger securing the deck to the house. You can use 6" pier blocks.

How to Protect a Wooden Post from Rotting in the Ground

Here are some different types of wood commonly used for fencing. Spruce - Untreated spruce picket fences and cross rails are most commonly used in prefabricated 4x8 or 8x6 foot picket and stockade-fence sections that you find at your local hardware store. These are then installed between pressure-treated fence posts.

Why Deck Posts Should Not Be Set in Concrete in 2019 .

"Steel Fence Post Brackets - It's been quite sometime that you've been considering after several decades of caring for exac" "Oz-Post fence brackets attach wood fence rails to metal fence posts eliminating rotted and failed wood posts." "is made of steel with drainage channel it could be hot dip galvanized or powder coated or plastic protected.

Can I use 4x4 posts as the primary support for a deck?

My concern is that all the information I've found on decks shows people using 6x6 posts as the main supporting structure with beams on top of those and joists on top of the beams. I only see 4x4 posts used to form the supports for the railings. I'm hoping to use the current design and replace all of the posts decking and railings.

Fence Post Foam vs. Concrete - Ugly Duckling House

Since then quite a lot of things have changed including other improvements to the fence: replacing part of the chain link on the other side of the house adding better gate hardware planting garden beds next to it for added foliage (and to hide my neighbor’s fence that’s falling apart which you can see more of in the pics below) and more.

Why Choose Metal Posts for Wood Fences | Cascade Fence & Deck

Today’s pressure treated wood doesn’t contain arsenic. This type of wood is ideal for certain applications. However for fence posts steel is preferred because it lasts longer. Cascade only buys pressure treated lumber from vendors that use environmentally responsible methods.

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