Specialised Window painting service

As with almost anything structural in your home, good maintenance and care can add considerable longevity and there is no better example of this than sash and case windows. There are countless Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian sash windows working as well today as they did the day they were first installed.
A large part of protecting your windows from weather elements is professional painting work on your windows. This painting work is all about methodical preparation. Poor painting work will often lead to jammed windows or draught problems within your home or place of work.

The painting process of sash and case windows will involve:

  • Fill and sand surfaces
  • Caulk all seams
  • Apply undercoat internally and externally
  • Sand between coats
  • Apply coat of eggshell/gloss internally
  • Apply coat of gloss externally
  • Seal voids between stone and window
  • Renew external pointing with sand mastic