Gannochy Road, Perth

Three old single glazed window units and cases were removed and disposed of at this property in Perth. We manufactured and fitted the new 6/6 units with draught proofing. We also fitted toughened glass on the lower sashes below 800mm, re-roped and re-weighted the windows and fit new high quality ironmongery.

We undertook the following works at the property:

  • Fitted pockets.
  • Fitted parting beads with integral brush strips.
  • Fitted weatherpile into mid rail.
  • Fitted lower sash and rope.
  • Fitted baton rods with integral brush strips.
  • Fitted baton rod with brush seal onto lower cill.
  • Supplied and fitted easy clean system on higher level windows.
  • Fitted solid brass sash fastener.
  • Fitted sash lifts.
  • Traditional sand mastic applied to casement

In addition to this we replaced two old ropes in the front room windows and added weights to the bathroom window. This ensured that some of our customer’s existing single glazed units were now fully functioning.