Clunemore House, Drumnadrochit

Situated close to Loch Ness, this property in Drumnadrochit was an interesting and varied project. The existing windows varied in style in style from 2/2, 2/4 and PVC units.

We firstly removed four of the old 2/2 windows and their associated ropes, beads, rods and ironmongery from the box. After inspecting the cases for rot we made all the relevant repairs and alterations ready for the new double glazed units. We also installed new baton rods, parting beads, integral brush strips and brighton sash fasteners which will add further to the properties insulation value as well as enhancing the security of the property.

The five 2/4 windows in the property were removed and replaced by double glazed units. We removed and replaced all the old ironmongery and pulley wheels. We inspected the existing cases for rot and fitted the following to the new windows: parting beads with integral brush strips, nylon core sash rope, brighton sash fastener, easy clean simplex system, brighton fasteners and height restrictors.

Three of the old PVC windows situated in the kitchen and upstairs WC were removed and disposed of. We manufactured new double glazed sash and casements for these in 2/2 style. The individual units were 18mm with through astragals with the lower sashed glazed with toughened glass. All components were added to these new windows such as new weights, new cases and sash lifts.
As is always the case with every job that Highland Sash and Case undertake, every effort was made to match the original look of the properties windows.

“Really pleased with the windows and your guys are making an excellent job. They really do look much the same as the originals from the outside but are clearly going to be far superior”
(Andrew Hamilton)

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