A simple guide to Sash & Case windows


Astragals Astragals are the lengths of wooden beading separating and holding the individual panes of glass in place.
Baton Rods Baton rods are attached to the inside of the case which enables them to hold the sashes in place. Side baton rods can be removed allowing the windows to be swung into the room for maintenance and cleaning.
Brush Seal Used to provide draught insulation for sash windows. Long strips with a bristle brush finish similar to those used on interior doorways for example.
Cord Clutch For the purpose of holding the sash weights in place when the window is open for cleaning or maintenance.
Integral brush strips These allow for smooth operation and serve to insulate windows and shutters.
Mid rail These give rigidity and strength to the window panels. They can also be used on window panels.
Mouldings A decorative building feature that may also cover transitions between different surfaces
Parting beads Used between the lower and upper sashes a parting bead is a long, narrow strip between the upper and lower sashes in a double-hung window frame. It allows the two windows to slide past each other. It may also be called a parting stop or parting strip.
Pockets Removable elongated inserts, when taken out, will allow access to within the box section of the frame where the weights are situated.
Pointing The act of apllying exterior mortar used to seal window frames and protect them from weather elements. Pointing used on windows has a high content of sand and linseed oil to prevent it from drying out.
Pulley Wheels Ensure that there is a lot less strain and ware on the ropes, meaning they will last much longer as well as improving sliding action for your sashes.
Sand Mastic External window sealant that follows the traditional method. Available in different colours.
Sash Fastener A lock attached to the sashes of a double hung window that serves to fix and shut both together.
Sash Lift A handle located on the bottom rail of a sash window, used for raising and lowering the sash.
Simplex Easy Clean system Allows access to the upper level sash windows for window cleaning and maintenance. The system consists of a cord clutch, a sash fastener and slotted hinges
Simplex Hinge Hinges with hardened washers that are thicker than others on the market. These allow you to keep your windows open on a summer day for example. This hinge is normally used in some of the larger, heavier windows and in the older properties.
Slotted Hinges Allows you to keep the bottom sash open to ventilate a room for example.
Weatherpile Has been used in the industry for many years and is woven from a Polypropylene yarn. It is used in sash windows to form a brush strip and serves to provide protection and insulation from the weather.


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